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SleepFresh fabric is certified non-toxic and infused with the Sanitized hygienic treatment to ensure the material is permanently protected against mold, mildew, and bacterial odors. 

  • cooling, contouring, and comfortable; our 360 degree stretch knit fabric allows for ease of movement and airflow. 
  • 1" of Gel-Infused comfort foam just beneath the surface keeps you cool and eases pressure points as you sleep. 
  • 1" of Gel-Infused Serene TM Foam provides a balance of pressure relief and air support technology to five precise zones of the body while keeping your mattress and body cool all night long. 
  • 1" of High Density pressure-reducing foam absorbs pressure build up throughout the night for soothing comfort. 
  • 789 individually wrapped coils (789/Queen) provide personalized support for each sleeper in five zones including lumbar, while reducing partner disturbances. 
  • 1" of Base Support foam reduces wear and tear and further reduces motion disturbances throughout the night. 
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